Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Forever Recognize Others GreatnessTM

The FROG Effect Workbook

imageThe FROG Effect Workbook: Tools and Strategies to Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness coauthored with Sarah McVanel-Viney of Greatness Magnified is now available!

Aim and Rationale Behind the Book

Just because you may be pressed for time, have limited funds and minimal buy-in doesn’t mean you can’t get started in infusing healthy intention and action into your organizational culture. Whether you’re a busy frontline manager, c-suite executive, trainer, facilitator, coach or therapist, this workbook is full of solution focused tools that will enable you to build engagement immediately by capitalizing on the proven power of recognition.

In our first book, Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness: Solution Focused Strategies for Satisfied Staff, High Performing Teams and Healthy Bottom Lines, we shared the evidence for why recognition is one of the most cost-effective yet statistically validated strategies to build engagement. As a result, our clients and readers said they wanted more:

  • More tools of how to put recognition into action
  • More confidence to have strategic talent conversations
  • More fun in meetings, orientations, workshops, retreats and conversations
So, we packed over 40 tools with over 100 variations into one book so you can do just that!

Experience for yourself the power of FROG™ – Forever Recognize Others' Greatness – and the ripple effect that happens when you and those around you pay close attention to greatness within and in one another:

  • Employees, no matter what their skill set and across every industry, are motivated to leverage their talents, skills, passions and virtues
  • Teams flourish and productivity increases
  • Top talent is retained
  • And the mission of the organization is achieved

Whether you’re experienced or just starting your career, you’ll build solid relationships, teams and culture with these simple and engaging solution focused activities!

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