Saturday, November 18, 2017
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"Brenda embodies the principles of solution-focused work. She leads from behind with a perfect balance of wisdom, confidence and skill. Her energy and spirit are uplifting, and perhaps most importantly she inspires trust. Brenda is an asset to any team or project."

- Elaine Cook
  Founder and Solution Focused Coach at Sitllpoint Solutions
  President at Civic Sport Group, Toronto, Ontario
"Brenda Zalter-Minden is brilliant. Brenda teaches solution focused coaching for the University of Toronto & Adler School of Psychology continuing education programs in Toronto. At a conference last November I saw her do two 15 minute coaching demonstrations that impressed me with their simplicity and power… and I’ve heard rave reviews of her teaching."

- Karen Shklanka
  Clinical Assistant Professor & Vancouver-Fraser Site Faculty for Behavioural Medicine
  Department of Family Medicine, University of British Columbia
"Brenda cultivates a space for people to be vulnerable, honest, hopeful and solution-oriented. Always solution-focused, Brenda asks powerful questions that helps people to gain greater insights into their beliefs, assumptions and judgments. As a facilitator, Brenda’s energy, passion and creativity enrich the learning and self-discovery process for all participants. Brenda is one of the most skilled and talented professionals I have ever worked with and I would have no hesitation in recommending Brenda as a coach, trainer, facilitator or consultant."

- Sarah McVanel
  Value Stream Leader, Engagement & Community Partnerships
  Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, Ontario
"I have had the pleasure of partnering with Brenda on the Emerging Leaders program for the past 3 years. Her insight and ability to coach individuals on their developmental opportunities is far and above the rest. She is focused, client centric and most importantly enthusiastic when partnering. She is well respected and a key strategic partner."

- Emile Penner-Cloutier, M Ed
  Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant
  St Joseph's Healthcare, Hamilton, Ontario
"I've had the pleasure of learning from and working with Brenda Zalter-Minden for a few years now. At work and at play, Brenda is an absolute delight. A skilled coach, facilitator and consultant, her approach is warm and genuine. She brings life and humour to everything she does, while accomplishing concrete results with the individuals and groups with whom she works. She truly believes in meeting people where they are with insight-inspiring questions and practical strategies for change. Her work gets at the keys to sustainable change for the better - the power of mindset and the magic of strengths-based thinking."

- Janice Hendrick
  Organizational Development Consultant
  Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, Ontario
" Brenda is a teacher, leader and coach who inspires and touches everyone that she meets. Her effervescence and solution-focused perspective gives her clients power to exceed their personal and professional goals. In our complex and changing environment, Brenda coaches and mentors her clients to lead and transform the healthcare system through positive influence and a solution-focused perspective.

Brenda: The FROG whisperer.

It is very difficult to express the role that Brenda has played in my personal and professional growth and development. She has led me on a journey of discovery, allowing me to challenge my assumptions and become confident and compassionate in all that I do."

- Tanya MacDonald
  OD Consultant
  Brantford community Health System
"I invited Brenda Zalter-Minden to teach family medicine residents about Compassion Fatigue and Breaking Bad News. She was organized, interesting, evidence-based, responsive to my needs for these sessions, and she actively engaged the residents.

I attended her Solution Focused Coaching workshop myself, and it was exceptionally well led - practical, stimulating, and responsive to the various needs of the group members. We had a lot of opportunity to practice within a well-organized framework. In addition, to watch her conduct a brief coaching demonstration is to be impressed by the simplicity and power of her approach to the client. She’s one of the best teachers and coaches I’ve had the pleasure to work with!"

- Karen Shklanka
  Clinical Assistant Professor & Vancouver-Fraser Site Faculty for Behavioural Medicine
  Department of Family Medicine, University of British Columbia

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